Booya Fitness: Every Type Of Online Fitness Class

Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 by

booyafitnesscoverBooya Fitness offers every type of online fitness class that you could imagine.

The Web’s Best Gym

booyanextBooya is one of the world’s best digital gyms. The site offers several high-quality video-based fitness instruction courses. There are tons of different workouts available to stream on the site, from yoga courses to more intense exercises like “Dumbell Burnout.” Because of the volume and variety of courses on the site, Booya uses filters to help you find the workout that fits you best. You can customize search results based on your energy level, home equipment, surroundings, partner, and some other relevant factors. All of the courses are easy to follow and understand, and they’re among the most high-quality and professional available online right now.


Workout At Home

booyafitness3Booya offers courses that are as high-quality and in-depth as what you might find at a gym, but that means they charge gym-like prices. A month to month subscription is $9.99, 3 months is $27, and an annual subscription is $99. It’s not a ton of money for a good fitness service, but there are plenty of free online fitness alternatives. The convenience of exercising at home means you shouldn’t have to pay for the price of a gym. But Booya does offer a free one-month trial, and there’s no harm in testing out the service to see if it works for you. At the very least, you’ll get a month of home workout instruction.


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