Autopia – Brain-Metal Hybrids

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 by

autopia Autopia – Another immaculate blog from Wired Magazine, Autopia invites us to tap into the innovative world of all things motorized, both contemporary and futuristic. Get the latest news on vehicle safety, electric cars, crazy DIY projects and other mean machine updates. As we’ve already noted in our blog when we reviewed This Day in Tech, Wired Magazine employs a team of genius writers who produce top notch content, whatever the articles’ themes may be. I truly enjoyed reading Autopia’s posts despite lacking even the slightest inclination to the world of vehicles and transportation. My favorite posts include The DUU Is a Two-Lighter Motorcycle Monster, High Octane, High Art from Mini and Mitsubishi’s Too-Cute EV is a Hall of Famer. Start your engines!

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