Asylum 626 – Makes the Cuckoo’s Nest Feel Like a Walk in the Park

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009 by

asylum626 Asylum626 – Back in November last year, we reviewed the scary as hell game, Hotel626, which was a Weekly Fave that month. If you thought it was unique and truly effective in terms of its terrorizing impact, I’ve got great news: The game’s creators (sponsored by the Frito-Lay Corporation) recently launched a sequel. Asylum626 topped all my expectation, as it delivers an amazing experience packed with seat-jumping and frantic mouse moves. As with the first game, you can only play Asylum626 after 7pm, to make sure you play it in the dark… This time, connecting to the game through Facebook delivers enhanced game experience and renders it more interactive and fun. Once again, play at your own risk.

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