Alphabear: Word Puzzles

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 by

AlphabearSee how good your spelling skills are with Alphabear.

Easy As A, B, C

AlphabearAlphabear is a word puzzle game where players spell words and collect cute bears with powers that boost the score! As you spell words by selecting letters on the grid, using letters next to each other makes the bears appear. The more the letters that are used, the bigger the bears get too! The bigger the bear, the more points to be earned. The goal in Alphabear is to keep spelling words and to keep collecting the bears. The bears that are won can be used as powerups in future games too. Players increase their points for using certain letters or spelling certain words, extend the timer and much more. Sharing may be caring, but in Alphabear you want to collect ALL the bears!


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