All My Faves Vote 2009 – Choose the Best Sites of 2009

Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2009 by

amfvote2009 All My Faves Vote 2009 – All My Faves is excited to announce its very first user-based vote for 2009’s most amazing websites! Choose your top 5 websites out of the list of 40 Weekly Faves we’ve compiled for you, and help to select the 10 winning sites of 2009. How did we choose these 40 websites? It wasn’t easy; the All My Faves team reviewed over 500 websites -featured as Weekly Faves throughout the year- and pinned down the top forty for you to choose from.

How to vote: no registration or login is required. Simply check the boxes of the websites you feel deserve the crown and hit Submit. Please note that you are limited to 5 votes per day. Submit your votes until December 27th, and feel free to leave your comments and site suggestions in case you feel we left out a smashing site. And don’t forget to stay tuned – winners will be announced on December 28th. Be sure to also check out our Best Games of 2009 page and vote for your favorite games out of the 32 Weekly Games listed. Brace yourself; tough choices ahead.

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