After the Storm

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2016 by

After the StormYou never think tragedy will strike your life, until it does. After the Storm is a before and after tale of a tragedy that struck a town.

Before and After

After the StormEven with the highest level of weather technology we have today, warnings never seem to prepare people when weather decided to strike. In 2011, a violent tornado devastated parts of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. After the Storm, takes viewers through the time period of before, during and after the tornado. The point of this project is to not only show the aftermath of the tornado, but how out of nowhere life can change in the matter of minutes. Unfortunately, that was not the last tornado in the world, so After the Storm is also a sort of inspiration tale to help others through weather related tragedies. Tornadoes can happen all over the country, and many receive no warning at all. After the Storm is about journey many experienced, and unfortunately many more will go through.

After the Storm

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