Nom: A Social Network for Foodies

Posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 by

NomAnyone who is on social media has at least one picture of food on their page (probably way more). But now there is finally a place strictly dedicated to the foodies in all of us, Nom.

Nom Nom

NomNot only can food taste good, but it can also look really good. If you’re like me and there is some good looking food set in front of you, you take a picture and post it everywhere. If you consider yourself a professional, or most likely amateur foodie, head over to Nom. Nom is a community for food lovers to create, share and watch their favorite stories in real-time. With Nom, easily create broadcasts through livestreams with photos, video clips, and GIFs. Nom also does all the editing for you, so you can just enjoy the food! While your video and photos are posted, engage with others who love food as much as you. There are lots of channels featured on Nom, so no matter your food preference there is something for everyone. Instead of waiting for people to like your photo on social media, head straight to Nom where everyone is going to like what you have to post.


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