90min: Total Coverage Of The Barclay’s Premier League

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 by

90minWhen it comes to all things regarding Barclay’s Premier League, 90min is the site to use.


90min90min is a global football (soccer) media and technology company focused on the digital generation. 90min is trying to connect with this generation and the way they access information using technology. They’re providing authentic, engaging and socially driven content to keep everyone connected and up to date. 90min has an audience of over 35 million monthly users, being accessed via the Internet, mobile site and social media. 90min has a mission to use fan generated media, which they believe is a key ingredient of sports journalism.


Did You Catch That Game?

90min90min does more than just posts, articles, scores and everything else you could find on any other sports website. 90min allows fans to get their opinions heard, and turns fans into journalists. 90min consider this citizen journalism. When fans provide self published work regarding their favorite team, or a game of the century, passion and talent is being recognized. There is a strict editorial process in place, but 90min is opening the world of sports journalism without losing content quality. An interactive football community is being created here by the way football media is being generated and consumed. It’s considered an, “interactive, global, and two way conversation”. 90min is a great site to visit for all news and information regarding Barclay’s Premier League, but 90min is also a great place to submit your own writing and works.


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