43 Things – Make 2010 a Life Changing Year

Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2009 by

43things 43 Things – New Year Resolutions are big and prevalent in the US and beyond, with millions of people all over vowing to lose wait, quit smoking and pursuing many other life changing paths. 43 Things is a terrific tool to help you accomplish whatever you desire by offering customizable lists, tips and support. Not only is this a valuable aid to get you on the right track for a better life, but its web 2.0 aspect offers the supportive buddy system to its user audience for enhanced goal realization potential.

So what exactly are people wishing for themselves? With over 2 million registered users, 43 Things offers a glimpse to the top trends of 2010, and also provides an insightful report on this year’s resolutions (2010), compared to those of previous years. At All My Faves we were so impressed by this website that we added it to our Happy Holidays page, under the New Year Resolution faveline. Check out this faveline for more NYR ideas and start the year with ample optimism and good will.

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