1&1: Hosting Your Professional Website

Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 by

1&11&1 is offering an easy way for businesses to create a professional website. They take care of most of the work by offering hundreds of templates to choose from. Just fill in the text specific to your business!

Website Hosting For Dummies

Every business, regardless of industry, needs a website to attract new customers and gain popularity. website.1and1.com makes this easy to do, even for the technologically-challenged. The great thing about this hosting service is that it’s sector specific, meaning that you let them know what type of business you’re running, and then choose a template that best fits the look you’re going for. They also have pre-filled text that you simply replace with the text you want written. When it comes to adding images, 1 and 1 makes it incredible easy with their drag and drop function and editing tools (so you don’t need to edit the image before uploading it). Make the website even more personalized by embedding your Facebook or Twitter account, and add widgets. The simplicity of 1&1 means that business can create a great website, without needing professional help.


Show Up in Search Results  

Businesses need a website to cater to existing customers, but also to get discovered by new ones. With 1&1, you can create search engine optimization with their title tags and descriptions. SEO is important for appearing in Google’s search results and gaining popularity. Their SEO tools help you reach more potential customers. My only complaint is that it appears that you can’t have a blog with their hosting service. A lot of businesses might want to update their customers via blog, and maybe in the future they’ll add this feature. Overall, 1and1 is a great and easy way to host your website, without the hassle. In fact, it’s almost fool-proof, and you can make a great website using one of their pre-made templates.


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