Find the Candy: Cute Candy Adorable Stars

Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013 by

Find the Candy is as straightforward as it's name - Find the candy and 3 stars in a room full of items.Find the Candy is as straightforward as it’s name: find the candy and 3 stars in a room full of items.

Hide and Seek With Sweet Treats

The goal is simple: find the candy. But it’s not as easy as it sounds! The candy is obviously not in plain sight, so the player must click and move items, drag or swipe to release it from it’s hiding spot, or unlock chests to reveal it. find-the-candyAlong the way, each level has three stars for the player to discover. While you don’t have to click on the stars to get to the next level, finding all three means more rewards!

Are you a 3 Stars Gamer?

The stars have a tendency to blend into the background, so random clicks along the scenery can help uncover them. The game isn’t too difficult, although some levels will take you longer than others to find where the candy is hiding. You might even have to redo a level or two because the candy can get stuck in it’s trap if you don’t make the right moves! Enjoy navigating through the 20 levels of adorable animation and cute characters.



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