These 12 Funny Faces Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 by

These 12 Funny Faces Will Definitely Make You LaughDidn’t you parents ever tell you that if you keep making funny faces, your face will get stuck like that?

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

From babies to senior citizens, the right funny face can put a smile on anyone’s face. We try and distort our faces and even though they do not always look pretty, getting a laugh or a smile out of someone is a good feeling. Bert McLendon has done just that, he has taken ¬†pictures of different people and edited them to create funny faces for all of our enjoyment. We’ve provided 12 funny faces that will definitely make you laugh, and be sure to check out his Instagram for more laughs.

Bert McLendon

Bert McLendon

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