12 Worst Goalkeeper Mistakes

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 by

12 Worst Goalkeeper MistakesGoalkeepers probably practice the most ungrateful job in the world… You stand around for 90 minutes, sacrificing your body for your team , but make one mistake and you’ll be scorned for years…

There is No Room for Mistakes!

We are often impressed by their saves, their long clearances, and their concentration during the most important moments of the game. But sometimes goalkeepers make also mistakes… Terrible mistakes. A ball which slips from the hands, goes through the legs, or even a simple lack of attention can change the turn of events, and in this microcosmos that is called football – create a disaster. Here you can find the worst mistakes goalkeepers made throughout the World. It’s cruel, but you know you’ll enjoy it!

1.Vitaliy Nedilko (Ukrainia)

2. Ter Stegen (Germany)

3. Sanchez (Mexico)

4. Guillermo Sara (Argentina)

5. Hildebrand (Germany)

6. Casteels (Germany)

7. Baumann (Germany, 3 mistakes in the same match!)

8. Valdez (Spain)

9. Robert Green (England)

10. Akinfeev (Russia)

11. Diego Lopez (Italy)

12. Henry Lapczyk (Bolivia)

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