12 Times Mirrors Me Put All Other Selfies to Shame

Posted on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 by

12 Times Mirrors Me Put All Other Selfies to ShameMirror mirror on the wall, who has the best selfies of them all?

Why Mirror Me does!

It seems selfies is the game, and everyone is just playing along. Normally when I think of the term “selfie”, I think about a bunch of people huddled with some taking a picture and half of them getting cut out, or I think of girls standing in front of the mirror making duck lips (and not just for fun). There are good selfies, terrible selfies, and then there are epic selfies! This is where Helene Meldahl wins at the selfie game. She has created an Instagram account-Mirrors Me, where she draws on mirrors and glass to create some of the most hilarious and well thought out selfies. These┬áscenarios are fun to look at, and they’re a nice break from those who just can’t get enough of looking at themselves. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and enjoy these 12 times Mirrors Me put all other selfies to shame.

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