YouTube Rewind – Most Watched Videos of 2010

Posted on Monday, December 27th, 2010 by

YouTube Rewind – Every year YouTube recaps the most viral, influential and most viewed videos online. This year, under the Rewind title, YouTube nicely showcases the videos that made the most buzz on the Web in 2010. You can choose between the Most Watched Videos of the Year, Most Watched Music Videos, or explore the Fastest Rising Search Terms (kind of like Google Trends for YouTube).

I loved the visual video-based time line display of  the “moments that defined 2010” (shown below). YouTube also wants you to join the discussion, so just below the time line you’ll see log in options via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Log in and join the conversation. Another interesting feature I found here on YouTube Rewind is YouTube Trends (looks like someone read my thoughts…). Enjoy!

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