Vine Masher: A Place To Mix and Mash Your Vines

Posted on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 by

vinemasher1Vine Masher is a place to mix and mash your vines.

Turn a Series of Vines Into a Short Video

Vine Masher offers an opportunity to create and watch Vines that aren’t just standalone 6-second videos. vinemasher3The site contains tools that are essentially like video-editing software, except the only content you can work with has to come from Vine and the only editing you can do is rearranging the order of the clips. You can also trim each individual Vine to the length of your choosing. The site could be improved with more tools for transitions or effects, but that might take away from its simplicity. Although there aren’t too many options for customizability in terms of editing, Vine Masher does offer just enough tools to make a unique, creative video.

Use Your Own Vines or Search by Hashtag and User

vinemasher2Many users have already created tons of cool content, which you can watch on Vine Masher’s site. The best aspect of the site is that it’s easy for anyone to quickly create a mash. The homepage contains a search bar in which you can find Vines via hashtag or username. When you find the Vine you want to use, you simply drag and drop it on one of the many squares in the editing timeline below. You can give your mash a name and a short description, then easily share it via e-mail or the standard social media platforms. The site also offers an embed code to host your mash on another site. Vine Mash is a simple, web-based tool, but it’s fun to use and gives an added element of creativity to the Vine format.

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