VHX – The New, Easier and Way Better Tool to Watch and Share Videos

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011 by

VHX – How do you share cool videos with friends? Perhaps you simply share the YouTube or Vimeo link via email or Facebook, like most people. Well, VHX seeks to make the way we consume and share videos online better, easier and way cooler. As they explain, “VHX is the way you’re supposed to watch and share videos with friends. We’ve combined the best parts of TV with the best of the web.”

VHX offers several unique perks including the option to bookmark videos from anywhere on the Web, and a cool Chrome extension that tracks YouTube and Vimeo videos you watch anywhere on the web and saves them into your private history. In short, VHX is a note-worthy video player (no pun intended) in the online video field you ought to explore for better video consumption and sharing with friends.

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