Twitch TV: Love Online Gaming? You’ll Love This…

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by

If you like online gaming, you’re gonna love this… Twitch TV is the World’s largest video game broadcasting and chat community, and is ready to induct you into its parallel world…

Heaven for the hardcore gamer?

Twitch features video from the top gaming personalities, players, tournaments, leagues and commentary, in addition to the most active and interesting discussions around video games.

Everything you need for your gaming pleasures is present: a chat community, the ability to broadcast your game-play and to connect with a whole universe of gaming fanatics just like you!

And what hardcore gamer wouldn’t want to watch tournament winners, platform dominators and dungeon grinders play live, all while seeing and hearing their thoughts and insights as you watch!

Confirming the power of Online Gaming

For a long time the world of gamers was considered an unimportant niche… Twitch was exactly the catalyzer the gamers needed to break through the main stream barrier, providing a platform good enough for them to show their numbers and strength!

By January 2012 Twitch had attracted more then 12 Million unique viewers per month and it continues to grow. You just cannot ignore the gaming scene around the web any more! So join the Twitch community and celebrate your love for gaming with millions of others.


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