Bad Piggies: New Angry Birds Game… From the Pigs’ Perspective!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by

From the creators of Angry Birds we now bring you a brand new time killer: Bad Piggies – An all new puzzle game in the same Angry Birds world… but from the PIGS’ point of view!

Who said the bad guys are bad!?

We all know and love Angry Birds. I mean who doesn’t enjoy flinging a team of strangely shaped, unimaginably irate birds out of a slingshot on a kamikaze mission to destroy a gang of green, rotund pigs!? I always wondered why nobody made a game about  Angry Chickens (TM by the way…) out to destroy the humans who regularly eat their unborn offspring… I’m sure there’s many a vegetarian out there who’d buy it simply on ethical grounds!

Anyway, now we get to see things from the “bad guys'” point of view. Yes that’s right, Rovio have flipped their allegiances from the birdies to the piggies, and in the process created yet another cheap, workplace-efficiency-ruining puzzle game, which you can download here.

When pigs will fly…

Now the actual game is far less confrontational than its feathered predecessor. In Bad Piggies, your mission is to find pieces of a map to the eggs belonging to the soon-to-become Angry Birds, which is dotted all over Piggy Island. To get to it, you’ve got to build flying machines to transport the pigs to their goal using all sorts of amusing objects including umbrellas, wings, bottle rockets, balloons, engines etc. And that’s your puzzle.

The game itself is fun and, as you’d expect from Rovio, extremely addicting. They’ve used a similar scoring format to Angry Birds, and the excellent physics model from that game has transferred to Bad Piggies too. And on the website you get a fun little comic strip to get yourself clued up on the Bad Piggies’ backstory (and receive some extra flying lessons).

Bottom Line on the Bad Piggies:

Will you enjoy Bad Piggies? It’s certainly no Angry Birds, but then it doesn’t need to be: Bad Piggies is a brilliant, little physics puzzle game in its own right!

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