Tingles: The Best Way To Enjoy ASMR

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 by

Tingles lets you stream unlimited ASMR videos.

Get The Tingles

If you’re not familiar with ASMR, you can read all about it here. It is, essentially, a tingly feeling that one gets from repeated exposure to a certain kind of stimuli. In the YouTube world, ASMR is more like code for videos of people doing somewhat strange things at low volumes, like crunching potato chips or talking softly about their groceries. For longtime fans or people who are knew to the concept, Tingles is the ultimate app for all things ASMR. The app allows people to watch videos without any interruptions for ads. You can also download videos, let videos play in the background with your screen off, and set a sleep timer so you don’t drain your battery.

The Wide World of ASMR

One of the primary reasons people stream ASMR videos is, in fact, to help them fall asleep. For those who have trouble sleeping, downloading Tingles could be a good thing to try. It’s hard to get used to the concept, but Tingles has several “Intro to ASMR” videos that can help people get accustomed to the concept. One of them is “Dutch Trigger Words,” which features the most common Dutch words that trigger relaxation. There are tons of other playlists on the app, and users can even create their own. Whether you’re skeptical of ASMR or love the concept, Tingles is a fun app to give a try.

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