MadBurger – A Flying Burger?! Say What?

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 by

Madburger is a flash powered game that is fun, highly addicting, and can be enjoyed but just about anyone. Using upgrades and some luck, MadBurger can be beaten quite easily.

Cheeseburgers and Beer… Need I Say More?!

Cheeseburgers and beer is simply a match made in heaven… Kinda like peanut butter and jam, cookies and milk, cheese and crackers, and eggs and bacon, the combinations feed off each other perfectly… (No pun intended, haha). That being said, cheeseburgers and beer is the premise behind the flash game MadBurger. The purpose of the game is to get the Cheeseburger to the hungry man at the end of a long path full of obstacles and power-ups.

The More Power The Further The Burger Travels

The game starts off by launching the burger by the Chef at the beginning of the path. The user stops a spinning wheel to determine the power of the Burger launch, obviously the more power the further the Burger travels. Now, the game requires some luck as power-ups are scattered throughout the path such as cans of beer that give the Burger some extra energy to launch further, and even tents that if landed on send the burger flying. With any challenging game, upgrades are achieved by the more gameplay the user puts in and in this case the user earns ‘money’ to use at the virtual shop to purchase upgrades such as extra beer, kites, ketchup for extra power, and much more.

A Highly Addictive Game

Personally I found this game highly addictive as I kept wanting to purchase the next power-up in order to get further in the game. All in all, MadBurger took me around 2 hours to beat, and to be honest, similar to any sort of easily addicting game, once you beat the game you almost feel robbed of precious time from your life. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the game and I recommend it to anyone who has a couple of hours to kill and enjoys these types of games. The best part is the game is totally free and you can try it here!





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