InTheMo – Video-Based Recommendations for Your City’s Cool Spots

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 by

InTheMo – This smart video-based recommendation guide claims to be “the first worldwide city guide that learns what you like.” Basically the InTheMo system ‘learns’ what you’re into by keeping track of your clicks in the site, and suggesting city spots that suit your taste and preferences.

The concept behind InTheMo is creating a community of ‘local experts’ who define and share the location of cool spots worldwide (covering 576 cities in 16 different countries). How do videos fit in exactly? Well, according to InTheMo’s press release from Nov 22, 2010, “the site uses documentary style video to share the stories and personalities behind these businesses” (PR Newswire). To start exploring the video recommendations at InTheMo, I suggest diving into the Best Of Lists -most recommended spots- and be sure to pick your city (right under the InTheMo logo on the top left). Now let the video fun begin; click Videos and see InTheMo’s visual guide in action.

In order for the InTheMo system to learn more about the activities and attractions you are likely to love, sign in (I used my Facebook account for that), pick your city and start ‘Recing’ your favorite city spots (as in Rec for recommendation), while specifying the degree of interest in percentages, from 50% to 100%. Picking 15 Recs is a good starting point for InTheMo’s system to know what other spots it can recommend you. InTheMo is a fun and interesting service worth checking out. Here’s a screen shot of the Rec It options I chose from.

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