iMeet – Making Better and Easier Video-Conference Meetings Online

Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2011 by

iMeet – Promising your very own personal meeting room online, iMeet is here to make video conference calls as enjoyable and effective as they can possibly be. Aside from worldwide accessibility and multiple device compatibility, iMeet allows for conference video meetings made up of up to 15 people, and whenever someone speaks, you will know exactly who it is as their cube will start to glow.

Although this is a paid service (offering free trial), it’s free for the people invited to the meeting. Other perks iMeet offers is social media stuff such as bio and pics, chat, privacy options, background customization and other sweet ‘make it my own’ features. iMeet has gained lots of attention from the tech community, apparently for a god reason.

So, is it worth checking out? Oh yeah. Looks amazing, offers a rewarding bundle of perks and features and it does the job.

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