Harlem Shake Roulette: Do the Harlem Shake till you Drop!

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by

When celebs like David Hasselhoff start doing the Harlem Shake, you know its gone viral!  The Harlem Shake Roulette aggregates all the best Harlem Shake dances from around the web, just for you.

Can’t get enough of the Harlem Shake?

The Harlem Shake Roulette is the kind of website that you just gotta love. The Harlem Shake has conquered our social media for a while now, it is in that viral stage when almost every day you will find another Harlem Shake share on your feed, and will probably share it with your friends. The Harlem Shake Roulette is a website dedicated to the hype revolving this¬†phenomena, it aggregates those with most character of the bunch and allows you to upload your own dance and add it to the site’s never ending Harlem Shake loop.

Creativity on a Digital Reality!

Harlem Shake Roulette is the most recent project of the We Make Awesome Sh.it team, a creative company that is dedicated to create awesome content to any social media platform or piece of digital technology. You will find their creative touch on all platforms; mobile, web, outdoor, interactive, hardware. They even claim they’ve hacked a fish, Literally. When you look at their portfolio, the Harlem Shake Roulette seems a natural addition. So you can watch some Harlem Shake, buy it’s viral song through the site, upload your own dance to it, and watch other creative people performing the Shake … I think we got you covered for the afternoon.

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