Sad and Useless – The most Depressive Humor Site on the Net

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Sad and Useless is not just another humor site, its a site dedicated to the most esoteric funny pics, gifs, memes and videos that people upload throughout the web.

Ridiculously funny…

Sad and Useless is all about awkward humor that most of the times will take you a few minutes to relate to. It’s about small and esoteric things that are so absurd that you will either ask yourselves ‘what in the world did they think about?!?‘ while you shake your head or it will make you laugh till you cry. It’s the kind of humor that will make you wonder: ‘Is this guy a genius or is he a complete moron…‘ Well, the answer is probably a little bit of both!

One of a Kind!

Whether you relate to the Sad and Useless humor or not, this site is one of a kind. You will never find plain main stream humor stuff on it, always the offbeat of internet humor and ridiculous things that will make you appreciate your life better. Whether it’s 7 Amazing Ocean Facts or Awfully Photoshopped Profile Pictures from Russian Social Networks, Latest Internet Trend: Small Dads or Classic Album Covers Recreated With Kittens, Sad and Useless will provide you with the most useless and esoteric stuff that will make you pee your pants laughing!

A word from the founder of Sad and Useless

“The main idea behind Sad and Useless  is boredom. I would describe the site’s content as “mostly absurd, surreal humor with a tiny bit of random sadness” – that’s what helps me to survive trough the day. And by sharing all the good stuff I find or make, I hope I’m helping others in the same way. It’s important to remain reasonably sane and functional to not end up like Britney in 2007.” Kris

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