Grovo – Video-based Website Finder that Actually Helps

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011 by

Grovo – This online video hub is, simply put, an efficient site discovery tool. Intended for the amateur, average and savvy Internet users alike, Grovo offers video lessons that show you the exact how-to when it comes to searching for websites of your needs and areas of interest. How does Grovo produce its content? Their content is “professionally produced, in-house, by our staff of writers, editors and voiceover talent. All content is extensively researched and crafted prior to production; once produced, content is regularly updated to maintain relevancy.”

How does it work? You can dive right into the site’s colossal video lessons section, or you can consult Grovo’s glossary in case you’ve stumbled upon an unfamiliar Web term, and then proceed to see a relevant video. Another option to test your Web knowledge is to explore Grovo’s Quiz section. Grovo is a terrific service, although currently only a part of its video collection is open to free viewing  – there’s a 7-day free trial after which you will have to pick one of their paid subscription tracks (annual, monthly and enterprise) if you wish to have access to all of Grovo’s content.

Despite the payment hindrance (hey, sometimes high quality things will cost you), Grovo is a great Web search aid worth exploring. See this video showing how to block pop-ups for example.

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