DIRECTR. Your life – The movie. Ready? Action!

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

DIRECTR. is an app that allows you to create movies instantly, without the hassle of  editing. With this app anyone can become a director and create their own short films.

Movies as Simple as Pictures!

Documenting your Lives with movies has just became much easier. DIRECTR. is an innovative app that allows you to create beautiful movies in minutes without editing. All you need is your iPhone or iPod Touch. The idea behind DIRECTR. is that making a great little movie should be as easy as taking a picture, they call it point and shoot moviemaking and it’s how to easily tell the stories of your life using short movies created with almost zero effort…

A New Way to tell your Stories…

The biggest problem with taking videos with your iPhone has always been the ‘dead moments’ that exhausts the viewers, but editing your videos is just to much of a hassle. DIRECTR. helps you tell the stories of your life, share them and keep them forever, without the need of editing, and helps you create interesting and engaging movies. The movies you create can include music, titles, transitions and more. If a video is more than a 15 second clip, and consists more then one shot – it’s a movie that tells a story! What are you waiting for? Get this awesome FREE app here and start making movies!

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