1440 Project – A Virtual Day that Celebrates every Minute Spent Outside

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

1440 Project is an amazing REI attempt to create a calendar day in-which every one of it’s 1440 minutes is documented through an outdoors activity photography.

What a wonderful world…

On the ambitious 1440 Project REI has created a minute-by-minute timeline, making up a 24-hour period, with a goal is to fill each and every minute of this “Virtual Day” with photography representing our collective love of outside. On this awesome site you will find a calendar like interface indicating each minute of this virtual day, every minute consists more than one photography so make sure you browse through them… What can I say? it really is a celebration of every minute spent outside, just like they promise!

This is how you advertise!

OK, we are not naive, we know that when the REI board of directors set down to discuss the making of this project, celebrating their love for the outside was not their first interest… (in case you ARE that naive, board of directors only talk about making more money…) Still, if a mega retailer like REI decides to spend a preposterous amount of money on an advertising campaign, we will always promote this kind of campaign which provides us with a top notch site like this one does, and lets us live the outdoors from our living-rooms, even if we don’t buy rock climbing gear from this respected retailer! So, the All My Faves team salute REI for this awesome site and are happy to introduce you to it!

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