Chowii: A Search Engine for Video Recipes

Posted on Monday, April 24th, 2017 by

Chowiichowii5 is a search engine for food recipe videos.

All of the Food Recipe Videos in One Place

chowii1If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’ve probably come across a recipe video. These videos are made by tons of different companies — Tasty, Tastemade, Food Network, etc. — but they all follow a similar formula. There’s a bird’s eye view of some sort of food being made, along with a jingle and a recipe displayed in text on the screen. Usually you only see the chef’s hands making the dish — a departure from the Food Network-style chef personalities who dominate their onscreen time. In food recipe videos, the food is the focus. Chowii is a site that has compiled tons of these types of videos, organizing them into searchable form.


Search or Browse Hundreds of Food Videos

chowii2I’ve never fully understood the appeal of video recipes. It seems like most people just watch them as a way to ogle at food that they’ll never actually make or eat. But the enormous popularity of food recipe videos proves that I am in the minority. And, I must admit, Chowii is a well put-together site. There’s a search engine that lets you search for recipes based on ingredients, as well as trending videos from the week and the day. The site pulls from several different content creators, so there’s a wide variety of recipe videos available to be watched on the site. If you want to watch more food recipe videos than just the ones that appear on your Facebook feed, Chowii is the site for you.


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