Bloginity – One of the Web’s Best Entertainment Spots

Posted on Monday, January 24th, 2011 by

Bloginity – One of the most prevalent website categories online today is that related to ‘entertainment’. There are hundreds if not thousands of gossip and celebrity sites and blogs, TV and film sources and many others under the entertainment umbrella. Standing out in this overcrowded arena is not only difficult, it’s almost impossible. But one particular site has managed to do just that with tons of style: Bloginity.

This gem was a Weekly Blog back in May 2010, and we’ve been watching Bloginity closely ever since. It’s classy in all possible aspects: design, content, diversified story topics, quality and variety of photos and videos. The user experience is extremely pleasing and fluid, and I highly recommend subscribing to this amazing entertainment source – probably one of the top 10 on the Web. What I love about Bloginity -more than anything else- is that it manages to provide interesting entertainment news free from any low standard tabloid feel that is so integral to entertainment content these days. Here is a great video I found on Bloginity: Fashion and Beauty Trends for Spring 2011. Their Video section is fabulous!

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