Faces of Drunk Drivers – Every Face Tells a Story

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Faces of Drunk Driving –  The shocking stories of Sean Carter and Jacqueline Saburido have been life changing, and they share them hoping they will change your life as well. Sean and Jacqui want everyone to remember that alcohol, asphalt, and automobiles don’t mix.

Faces Of Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving, every mother’s fear. A chilling phone call at the early hours of the morning asking to speak with the mother of the victim. Truly a phone call no family wants to receive. But yet, it still happens, due to drunk and impaired driving. So how can we stop Drunk Driving? Simply; education, raising awareness, and most importantly, testimonials from those hardest affected. Faces of Drunk Driving aims on providing all of those to its users. Highlighting two individuals drastically affected by drunk driving, Sean and Jacqui. The website is fully interactive and is very engaging. It almost makes you feel what they feel, which is obviously impossible. Including the stories of each individual before and after ‘the accident’ the website can be used to raise awareness in schools, universities and in fact anymore. Although it’s terrible what happened to Sean and Jacqui their stories can stop people from making the same exact mistake and in fact save lives.

Athlete, Model, Brother, Son

Every mother and father have the same fear, their children at risk. Like any other mother, Jenny Carter, the loving mother of  Sean Carter, had the same fear. The only difference is that the Carter family will never be the same after ‘the crash’. Sean Carter was like any other teenager, a Dallas native, Sean was a business major at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. He loved sports and girls, a good combination for a guy who was an athlete and who already had modeling agents in Dallas and New York City. The night before Easter Sunday in 2005 changed everything for the Carter family. He was an athlete, model, Brother, and loving son, but none of that mattered when drunk driving affected him for the rest of his life. Like many times before, he had been out drinking. When he was ready to call it a night, he simply got a ride with a friend. Unfortunately, his friend had been drinking too. Just five minutes from the safety of Sean’s apartment, the driver lost control of his truck and slammed into a tree – on the passenger side where Sean was sitting.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake

Each and every year, drunk driving affects countless people. It is a careless and absolutely unnecessary act that should be stopped. Any person affected will tell that whatever they were doing the night before is not worth the results and implications. Associations such as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers A.K.A MADD, fight against drunk drinking in order to raise awareness and reduce the alarmingly high statistics of injuries and fatalities. Through awareness and education, drunk driving and impaired driving can be reduced. Faces of Drunk Driving has a simple message and goal, to raise awareness and educate everyone about the dangers of drunk driving. Sean’s and Jacqui’s stories are only two of many. Faces of Drunk Driving is raising awareness and begs people to not make the same mistake. You can use Faces of Drunk Driving to promote awareness in schools, community centers, your home, and etc. Check it out today and start saving lives!

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