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 Any decent music? – They review the reviews. You get the final word. Get reviews of all different sources on the newest music in one place, so you can have the final say.

Get All the Reviews, Have the Final Say!

What qualifies as good music? Who’s really got the right to decide? Well, YOU do! Any Decent Music offers the music lover a one in a kind service to enhance their music taste. Any Decent Music, A.K.A ADM, is not a wholesale review aggregator, automatically sweeping up anything and everything relating to every album release. Everything on ADM has been manually reviewed, selected and added. It’s painstaking work but this allows for the best and human generated reviews. And it means the site isn’t cluttered with reissues and compilations and stuff they know real music fans aren’t interested it.

Not Your ‘Average’ Rating System!

ADM takes their rating very seriously, it’s no joke to them. They have developed an interesting formula to rate music using their best judgment. It’s not a straight average, ie the total ratings divided by the number of reviews. They have a formula that is weighted to take into account the number of reviews an album receives, which gives an advantage to albums receiving more reviews. So an album which receives five 8/10 reviews will have a lower rating than an album with 25 8/10 reviews, which seems right. And an album would need more than 30 8/10 reviews to get a straight ADM rating of 8.0 (although it could achieve that rating with a range of 10/10, 9/10, 8/10, 7/10 etc reviews). All clear? Good. The Recent Releases chart brings together critical reaction to new albums from more than 50 publications worldwide. It’s updated daily. Albums qualify with 5 reviews, and drop out after 6 weeks into the longer timespan charts.

To Buy, or Not to Buy? That is The Question!

ADM is truly a phenomenal service, offering users the opportunity to decide for themselves what qualifies as good music. ADM makes it easy to compare acclaimed reviews such as The Rolling Stone Magazine and other well known reviews in order to have a good idea of a certain album. As a music lover of all different genres myself I can safely say that ADM will be my first stop before purchasing any album. Any music lover could and probably should use ADM in order to get a better idea of the album before spending the cash on it. So after you read all the reviews, examine the facts, then you can make your decision, to buy or not to buy? That is the question! Check out ADM today to get reviews on the latest albums.

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