Primetime in No Time – Yahoo Tries to Merge Primetime TV and the Web

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010 by

Primetime in No Time – What seems like a commendable attempt to be a cross between Hulu, primetime TV and YouTube, Yahoo TV’s Primetime in No Time offers short recaps of TV’s best and worst moments, aired the day before when most families sat in front of the tube to watch their favorite primetime show.

If this is Yahoo’s effort to close the gap with Hulu, we’re dealing with a predestined, futile battle with the later being the obvious winner. Although the funny in-between narration on the Primetime in No Time videos is cute, it would take much more of Yahoo to offer a solid comeptition to other services currently offered online by the likes of Hulu, CastTV, and soon by Netflix as well.

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