Miso – A Full-Blown Social Network Based on Favorite TV Shows

Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 by

Miso – We’ve already discussed the emerging trend of expanding the social realm to TV entertainment when we reviewed QVIVO and InToNow app. Miso is yet another social network player attempting to push the TV-centric social sphere envelope by offering a Foursquare-like platform with some added perks. These include checking in, following friends and their favorite shows, posting statuses, comments and links, and Miso has even thrown in a notification feature to let you know when friends have signed in.

Once you sign up via Facebook and start contributing content to the Miso network (via check-ins, statuses, posts, etc.), you’ll see you start earning posts which yield badges later on. Miso is definitely the closest TV-based social network platform to Facebook I’ve seen so far, and you will notice the evident similarities between the two from the get-go. Miso seems like a promising endeavor, and I’m curious to know where it would be in a year from now. If you love TV shows and Facebook, give Miso a try. To learn more about this cool platform see the video below.

Miso is available as a Web app, but also as a mobile app (compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android).

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