Treasure Sweeper: Minesweeper, but with Pirates. And Treasure.

Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 by

If you liked Minesweepers, you’ll love this fun re-imagination of a true PC classic! Treasure Sweepers is Minesweepers, mixed with pirates and treasure. Play it on All My Faves right here…

Get that treasure!

Treasure Sweeper is a new kind of minesweeper game, instead of tagging mines, you dig treasures. You have to retrieve all the treasures on a layered  island but do not take it lightly, the treasures are booby-trapped! So you have to make sure you get the numbers right before you start the digging.

This treasure map does not show location!

Controls wise, its a very simple game; you click the mouse or use arrows keys to move, press Space or click the pirate’s shovel and then chose a tile to dig. Stepping on a tile with buried treasure will cause you to lose a life. Numbers on tiles tell you how many tiles with buried treasures that tile is touching. That’s it, sounds simple right? Wrong! even though the game is simple the time element makes it pretty hard! Give it a try and see for yourselves!


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