A Better Queue: Filters Netflix’s Movies with the Tomatometer

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix’s instantly streaming movies by Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, years, and genres. All the info you need on movies you can instantly watch!

The Perfect Combination!

A Better Queue provides users with the perfect solution to watch a movie on Netflix but are not sure which title to choose from. The service is simple, the site combines a link to the movie at Netflix with the Tomatometer’s review. This way you can read the Rotten Tomatoes’  ratings and then go straight to the movie if it captures your attention. Instead of browsing through Rotten Tomatoes and then searching for the movie you chose on Netflix, you get it all in one.

Why do we need the Tomatometer?

The answer is simple: while we, as audiences, are smart we still miss what critics pick up. Critics watch much more than us and have a wider basis for judgement. Of course critics aren’t correct all of the time, but that is the genius behind the Tomatometer. It gives an accurate reading of quality via aggregation, and brings us closer to objectivity. Audience scores are certainly an indicator of something, but not one of quality. This is why A Better Queue gives you that extra edge while looking for a movie to pass the evening… You really should try it yourselves, it make life so much easier!

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