Skrillex Quest: Fun Retro Game – Thats How you Promote A New Song!

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

Skrillex Quest is a retro action RPG game made to promote Skrillex’s new song SUMMIT. Dust on the cartridge has corrupted the game, fight the glitch and save your world from doom.

AdverGaming at it’s Best!

SkrillexQuest is another product of the uprising advergaming industry. Created by design firm Joda (who also did the amazing Perfect Strangers game). Set in an NES cartridge which is experiencing glitches due to the notorious dust that entered the device. You play the valiant “P1”  who must save the world from the spreading glitch in an homage to The Legend of Zelda series and the Nintendo Entertainment System set to the music and themes of Skrillex’s work. It’s a time based game so everyone will finish it, the question is what will be your ranking at the end…

Not as Simple as it Seems…

Skrillex Quest features a bunch of side missions, hidden treasures and many collectibles aside from the main plot, you have a time limit though and as the time runs out you will be sucked to the next level whether you achieved the side goal or not! Once you finish the quest your stats shows the percentage of  success your brave ‘P1’ gained. My first try resulted in 20% and the second 23%… I guess I’ll have to try harder, Put your headphones on and see how good you can be.


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