Vamo — Multi-city Travel Itineraries

Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 by

vamo4Vamo searches thousands of flight and hotel combinations to find the best itinerary for a multi-destination trip.

Find Flights, Transit and Hotels in Any Combination of Cities

Vamo is the web’s best search tool for multi-destination travel. vamo5Popular sites like Kayak may offer the ability for users to browse multi-city flights, but that service is often clunky and ineffective compared to its regular search feature. On Vamo, multi-city travel search is the primary function. The site provides detailed itineraries for flight, transit, and hotels across any combination of cities that you enter into the search bar on the home page. The site also requires users to enter their origin city, as well as the dates that they will be traveling and the amount of people that will be in their group.


Customize Your Itinerary as Much as You Want, but Let Vamo Do the Hard Parts

vamo6Because of the complexity of these searches, Vamo often takes longer to load and return results than comparable travel sites. That waiting period, however, is relatively short compared to the amount of time it takes to research multi-city travel itineraries on your own. Vamo also distinguishes itself by searching first for the “optimal” solution based on your chosen cities and dates. This means that the site chooses which order you would visit the cities, based on the cheapest flights available. For backpackers or other individuals with loose and flexible travel plans, this is the best option. There’s also the ability to have a more strictly structured, custom travel plan, and it’s easy to tinker with the specifics of Vamo’s itineraries before  booking. All of the booking is done directly through the airlines or via third-party sites, but Vamo takes care of the organization to ensure you purchase everything that you need. Even if you don’t book the total package that Vamo suggests, the site is a useful research tool for any traveler trying to figure out how to visit multiple destinations cheaply and efficiently



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