Room 77 – Customized Hotel Room Recommendations

Posted on Monday, February 28th, 2011 by

Room 77 – Reserving hotel rooms seems like a no-brainer. You look at some pictures, check out the rates, maybe even read a few reviews and make the reservation. But more often than not, once you get to your hotel room, you realize your scenic view is the neighboring building, a parking lot, or worse, a brick wall. Room 77 is here to make sure your next hotel room suits all your preferences but remains within budget limits.

Room 77 uses the forefront of technology to deliver the best room options for you in hundreds of different hotels across the country. Using the Google Maps 3D platform, Room 77 shows you the actual view of different rooms in each listed hotel so you can see for yourself which rooms to avoid, and which to request for when making the reservation.

To see an example, click the image below, the screen shot of the Churchill Hotel in Washington DC page, showing maps, street view and including tips and expert advice.

Room 77 changes the entire concept and experience of hotel room reservation. Thanks to this terrific free service, you can make sure your stay at the hotel is as enjoyable as possible.

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