RoadTrippers: Road trip planning made easy

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 by

RoadTrippers is the perfect solution for all of you road trippers out there: It does all the hard research for you, so all you have to do is get off that couch and go explore the great US of A!

RoadTrippers does everything but drive you…

RoadTrippers is your new best friend! After registering, you state your starting point and destination, and it gives you a route on the map. Now begins the fun part: you can state if you wish to travel on highways or not, you can add as many way-points as you wish and the route will adjust itself to your desire.

RoadTrippers will also tell you how many miles you will cover on your trip, the time it should take you to cover it, and will even give you a petrol cost estimation.

The Icing on the road trippin’ cake:

The true joy of RoadTrippers is its ‘find places’ button. It highlights everything on your route that’ll interest you:¬†attractions, accommodation, entertainment, food-drink, history, nature, shopping and sports. By selecting any of them, markers will appear on the map, each stating the exact location of the attraction. You can even state how far you are willing to go off route for the attraction, whether its a 10 or 50 miles range.

With all that being said…

RoadTrippers is one awesome website! I know I just love it and warmly recommend it to all you roadies out there. So set a course on RoadTrippers and get off that couch!


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