Fashnberry: Who Needs To Buy Fashion Magazines Any More!

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 by

Fashnberry is a blog that curates the hottest and most interesting fashion editorials from top fashion magazines, all in one place. Your slice of fashion with some berry dressing on the top!

Fashnberry > Vogue?

The question we had when looking over Fashnberry was whether you would simply use this instead of going around the web, looking through the usual fashion magazines and editorials. We wouldn’t say it completely replaces all the top fashion sources, but with a wide range of content – ¬†including the latest covers, campaigns, videos of the most celebrated models and celebrities – Fashnberry is definitely a source worth adding to your fashion faves.

For those working in the fashion industry you can submit pictures of your work on Fashnberry to be in with a chance of being published too. While the editorial section gives you the a berry flavored taste of the best of what’s hot in the fashion magazines you won’t have bought because you’re reading Fashnberry!

Bottom Line

Fashnberry provides you with enough lovely fashion editorials to quench your thirst for the hottest new looks. Certainly worth a look for any style-a-holic.

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