MeetnGreetMe: Personal Assistance from Locals to Travelers

Posted on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 by

MeetnGreetMemeet5 is a global platform connecting international travelers with local people.

Travel Globally

meet1There are plenty of sites allowing locals to sell services to travelers — even Airbnb is a form of connecting locals with the international traveler community. MeetnGreetMe offers a different take on the concept of connecting those two parties, letting locals become personal assistants to worldwide travelers. “Personal Assistant” and “Concierge” can mean a variety of different things (45 different things, according to MeetnGreetMe’s website). Locals can drive visitors to the airport, buy tickets to local events, arrange tours, assist with banking matters, take photos, accompany travelers on visits to the doctor, and many other things. The platform can be mutually beneficial for locals looking to make an extra buck while meeting travelers, and for travelers who need a little extra help while they’re on the road.


Hire Locally

meett4The booking process on MeetnGreetMe is straightforward. Travelers choose the city that they’ll be going to and enter in the services that they request. Then, they hire a MeetnGreeter to take care of them when they arrive. MeetnGreeters typically list the amount they will charge per hour for each specific service offered. There still aren’t a ton of users on MeetnGreet, but you can find people in most major cities already. The site does offer a unique take on common travel theme, so hopefully it will become more populated with users and expand soon. And hopefully some of you will find MeetnGreetMe useful in your future travels.

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