World’s Biggest PAC-MAN – Revisiting the Old School Game to Show Off Explorer 9

Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 by

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN – Who doesn’t like Pac-Man? It’s fun, it’s exciting, and eating ghosts is the best feeling ever. Pac-Man creators have teamed up with Microsoft to show off the goodies of Internet Explorer 9, MS’ newest browser edition. One must admit, this marketing campaign is a brilliant and successful approach.

The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN offers numerous mazes for you to eat dots and chase ghosts in, and you can hop from one maze to the other by going through the side exits. Sign in with your Facebook account and start off with the main navigation page and choose your maze. As you gain more points you can earn rewards, see your stats compared to the current global high scores, and challenge your friends to play PAC-Man as well.

So what’s so special about Internet Explorer 9? Microsoft promises accelerated speed, smoother high-definition videos and  clearer graphics, among other special features. For more info visit the IE 9 download page.

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