Onavo – App of the Week: Cut Mobile Data Costs Abroad!

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2011 by

Onavo – Mobile data can really cost your device downloads data from your carrier, using the Internet without you even knowing. The end result is hard cash you pay for that accumulated Internet usage. When traveling abroad, these costs can grow to an extent where it makes more sense to leave the mobile device at home and rent out a local cellular phone for your trip.

Onavo has identified the expensive nature of mobile data plans, and has come up with a clever way to cut these costs. Using the company’s own servers, Onavo can show how your mobile data is used, and if you wish you can compress that information which translates into much less downloaded info, hence, less money going out of your pocket. Here’s a more visual explanation of how Onavo works.

Although using Onavo’a app on your mobile requires download, registration and profile setup, the app’s service can really come in handy in international trips where you cannot afford to not have your mobile phone with you, but wish to keep those data download costs to a minimum. To learn more about Onavo, watch their cute video.

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