Stuff: Track Every Online Purchase You’ve Ever Made… With eBay!

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Stuff lets you view all your online purchases from 5000 different retail websites in one place! If you’ve been wondering what you’ve spent your money on online, Stuff is your chance to find out…

Get those email receipts out…

Stuff is eBay’s shiny new project, it is a tool designed to uncover your online shopping habits and map them for you. It requires you to link all your email accounts to eBay stuff, and then surfs through them to find every email receipt you’ve ever received! Once it’s done, all your online shopping history will be revealed in front of your eyes, in a cool, chronological timeline, sorted by categories and cost.

What are your online shopping habits?

The best thing about Stuff is that it actually educates you about your online shopping habits. It is amazing to see how many purchases you made over the years – and to see exactly what you’ve bought.

Did you spend your money on books? Gadgets? Clothing? Or maybe after adding up all the 0.99$ you paid for apps you realize that your most expensive hobby is your iPhone… Stuff is almost like your own personal online shopping account manager!

Bottom Line: We are living in a material world!

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is an eBay project, they want to make you buy more! But along the way to your credit card they offer a truly brilliant product. Check out your Stuff, I promise you will have an interesting experience!




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