Meddik: A New Way to Search for Health Info & Find Support

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Meddik presents a better way to search for your much needed health information and find support, it allows you to ask questions and learn from the collective experience of people like you.

What is Meddik?

Meddik is a place for people to learn from the collective wisdom of people who’ve been through similar health experiences. Users can ask questions and share advice, while Meddik makes sure the submissions are put in front of the right audience by calculating clinical similarity index for each user. The online health space is a messy place with lots of general articles and confusing syntax. Meddik taps you into the people who know best, people who’ve been there.

Tap into the knowledge of people who actually know best

Meddik is a new way to discover and share health online; a place where people can browse questions, stories, and products, and share their experiences with a personalized health network. The Meddik network is comprised of people who have gone through similar challenges and many offer their stories and some solid advice.

Meddik uses a predictive algorithm to display the most highly ranked submissions from your health network. Your health network is generated dynamically based on the conditions, symptoms, treatments, and procedures you input.

Bottom Line

Meddik is a genuinely useful tool for those who feel that there is more to know about their condition and possible treatments. If you are the kind of person who likes to have the whole picture of your condition, check out Meddik to cover all the angles.

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