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Posted on Monday, January 31st, 2011 by

Sensr – Public webcams broadcasting what goes on in different locations around the world could hardly be considered a new technological development. Another familiar use of webcams is for monitoring what goes on at home while we’re away. Relying on the same basic surveillance concept, offers a different implementation of the webcam that is both exciting and practical. invites you to pick a webcam, whether yours or one of those placed in public locations worldwide (with free access), so you could aim it at something and whenever there’s movement action, Sensr alerts you immediately.

Using basic motion detection, is able to identify the action you can’t see for yourself while at work or anywhere else. This is also a great service to track meaningful moments worldwide. By the way, for additional and creative uses of your computer webcam, see our previous post on the subject, Top 15 Websites that Kick Webcam Butt.

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