Healthline Body Maps – Visualizing Our Bodies to Achieve Better Health

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 by

Healthline Body Maps – There’s no way around it. When you see something with your own two eyes, you understand it better than by just reading about it. Healthline, the medical information provider, has partnered with GE Healthymagination to create a software of 3D anatomy maps of the human body so laypersons like you and me could better understand health by literally looking into ourselves.

When exploring a certain part or system of the human body, Healthline will offer interesting articles and tips relevant to that part of the body. So if, for example, I’m exploring the anatomy of women’s abdomen, Healthline recommends reads on digestive health, among other articles.

The 3D Body Maps constitute an appreciated added value to Healthline’s medical info center. Besides, I’ve always found the human body a most extraordinary machine. Healthline’s Body Maps adds a visual navigation tool to further enhance the human anatomy experience. Thanks, Healthline!

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