A Social Network for Developers and Engineers

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 by is a vibrant platform for developers and engineers to discover, connect and share the work they have done.

It’s a social network where you can brag about your achievements, socialize with colleagues, all while improving your networking!

Built by developers, for developers… provides the global developer community a place to get credit where credit is due. It’s a place to share resources and links with each other, get High Fived (or ^5 in Geeklist terms), earn GeekCred, build connections and join in Geek communities.

In Geeklist, companies get to share the great achievements of their engineering teams to a targeted community of developers. More importantly, by joining you give companies the tools to communicate with all of you developers who wish to be contacted or hired.

A great developers’ networking tool!

If you are a developer, is the natural place for you; you can meet new colleagues and befriend with them, be the first to hear about an opening in one of your dream companies, share projects and ideas and generally gain very relevant networking credits for your career.

This is the place where Geeks rule, no one else is allowed in. So go ahead and subscribe, this may be your best career move yet (or at the very least you’ll gain some new geek friends for your collection!).


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