YouNow: Online Reality TV Network, Become an American Idol!

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YouNow is a social video platform that allows users to broadcast live video & interact with their audience in real time. YouNow is the web’s first “online reality TV network”…

What is YouNow?

Younow is a social, live video website with game elements, where users can broadcast live and interact with their audience in real time. It provides a unique platform for users to expand their social reach, grow their following and meet new friends.

On YouNow you can be either a broadcaster or a viewer but even as a viewer you are involved in the content via a chat and a ‘like’ system that decides who will have another minute on-air, and who will be ‘sniped’ and will have to go to the back of the queue.


Bringing the TV Talent Show Audition Online…

Younow is like an ongoing audition, you get only one minute to impress the judges, if you get more thumbs up than down you win yourself another minute. But don’t get too confident now, if you want another minute, you will have to fight just as hard… As a broadcaster, you start by choosing a channel to broadcast in. Then you wait in a queue of people who also are waiting to broadcast.

Once it’s your turn to go live, your live experience is dictated by viewers, who are communicating via a chat with you and others, and voting on you in real time. Viewers are given the power to determine whether the live broadcaster stays, or the next broadcaster waiting in the queue gets to go live.

Level-Up, gain Respect, get your Air-Time!

The gaming aspect of YouNow is what makes it addictive to its broadcasters. More experienced & talented users gain levels, which allows them unique access to certain channels, and virtual gifts, and other privileges on the site. For instance everyone wants to be able to broadcast in the VIP slot, which has shorter queue and more viewers, But to get there you must be of high level. Users do not need a large following to have an engaged audience, but can instantly broadcast in front of live audience.

Bottom Line on YouNow:

YouNow allows users to meet new people and build their social reach, as viewers are able to Facebook friend request, follow a broadcaster on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel directly from YouNow. So give it a try guys but be careful, its addictive!

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